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Hi. My name is Neil and I find substantial benefit from the use of marijuana! Cannabis, weed, chronic, dope, pot, ganja... no matter how you label it, what you call it, or your preferred method for using it; be it legal or illegal, medicinal or recreational, eaten, smoked, vaporized or concentrated; people the world over have benefited from the use of marijuana. I use medical marijuana to assist in alleviating chronic severe pain caused, in part, by Degenerative Disk Disease, Bertolotti's Syndrome and an additional vertebrae in my lower spine (after the L-5 there is an L-6.) This pain is reduced when I ingest THC... it is that simple. Without using marijuana, the pain is constant and I am sick and tired of taking opiate-based pain killers.

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Once I found that marijuana offered me such tremendous benefit in the form of pain relief, I began to scour the internet for all sorts of medical marijuana related information. To my suprise, I never found a website that came close to offering me everything that I was looking for. Dont get me wrong, I found a ton of information, just not all in one place. So.....I'm going to build one myself!!

There are so many sites out there that look innocent and full of information until you dig a little deeper and find out that the doctor that this site or that site is recommending you to is not really even a doctor but another referral service trying to suck more cash out of your wallet. Or how about that online medical marijuana dispensary that delivers in your state? Are they reputable? What do others in your area think about this dispensary? How can you contact them?

MMJ-Guide.Com will be my very first foray into the world of website building. No HTML classes, no web design degree. Just a little bit of help and a lot of personal motivation on a subject very close to me, combined with a fascination for website design.

I am teaching myself how to build this website, how to write code, the in's and out's of SEO, etc. Within this site, I plan to bring together everything you could possibly want and/or need to know about medical marijuana while learning how to build a website that brings YOU, the information seeker, exactly what you are looking for!

In addition to the typical Information, this site will also incorporate a forum, a section on MMj history, an image gallery, a marijuana / cannabis strains section (which currently includes the strains 8 Miles High, Albert Walker, Black Pineapple Kush, GDP Granddaddy Purple and, most recently added, Diesel mango Haze), a gourmet section (cooking, my 3rd favorite), my own personal medical marijuana blog and a huge resource section. Also, this will eventually be a site that everyone (this includes YOU) can help to mold and design. I hope to get a ton of feedback on the site as it gets up and running. It will be your tips and suggestions that will assist me in getting the final design and content of this website just right! It's about time!! - Your Medical Marijuana Resource.


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