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I just love a well taken mmj photograph, and I bet you do too!

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Do you have an awesome picture of your medical marijuana, your grow room or anything else related to Medical Marijuana? Purple strain Cannabis Strain and Lighter Image


I have set up the Marijuana Images page to allow visitors to upload their pictures and descriptions of their mmj strains right onto the web site. I hope you like it. And the best part about it is.... WE get to share our MMJ related images with other interested mmj patients, as well as the rest of the world, via the internet.

I have easily run into 100 + different marijuana strains over the years..... Maybe you have too? If you are a patient from one of the medical marijuana states, you likely grow good marijuana. Got any pictures? Care to show us your Marijuana Images? Is yours the best? Why not share your pictures with the MMJ-Guide community.

MMj strains have really branched out over the last few decades and new strains are being introduced to us, the adoring public, on a regular basis. Finding it, on the other hand, is much much harder to do than just hearing or reading about it.

Every time I come across a new strain I put it up as a link on my marijuana strains page as well as adding the new page as a link from the MMj Blog - so look for new blog entries in the near future.

My personal favorite is a European variety I got to try a few times in Amsterdam, 2009 ;-P called "Blue (Bleu?) Cheese". I have heard it is in the US, but have never actually seen it here. It is the BEST! Please, if you have seen Blue Cheese here in the US it would be great if you could upload a pic so I can check it out. Thanks in advance.

If you are ready to submit a photo, please do so via the form below, and thank you so much for visiting my site and taking the time to share your images with me and the MMJ community.

Have a great photo of your medical marijuana?

Do you have a great mmj image? Share it in the Marijuana Images photo gallery!

Image Reviews

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We have stock AK 47 ,AK-48 ,Blueberry ,Big Bud ,Big Black Indica ,Big Bud X White Widow Weeds , Black diamond ,Blue dream, Hawaii-Skunk ,Hindu Kush Master …

TGA-Agent Orange 
This was from my very first grow ever!! It smells and tastes like Oranges!! The crazy thing is everyone thinks they need entire variety of nutrients but …

very good strain  
i was sleeping 3 hours i smoke my first bowl

Alien OG 
THE ____ ____ SEEDS!

8 Miles High - Medical Marijuana Strain  
8 Miles High - Medical Marijuana Strain Genetics: from Africa & North India Can be grown indoors or out. Yield: 400-450 gr Very alert high - hence …

Medical Marijuana - Trainwreck / Train Wreck 
A good pic of my marijuana strain - Train Wreck (Trainwreck)

Bubba Kush from Louisiana 
Bubba Kush - grown inside - in the state of Indiana. Pretty happy with the results. What does everybody think? Thanks in advance for your response. …

White Widow x OG Kush 
Here is a pic of my White Widow x OG Kush. Great high, usually sold at a premium. I like the site. Best of luck with it.

Bubba Kush (BBK also known as bubble kush) 
this is a nice little bubba kush plant i have so far. she is awesome and full of trichomes.

Green, smell not included 
The site looks nice. I said I would send you some photos.

Strain: Speedway - Grown indoors. 
Just got this strain. Anyone heard anything about it?

Strain: AK47 with ladybugs 
This is my very favorite strain. AK47 grown hydroponically. It is so good that I have to save some for later. Like next year later! Strong Smell …

AK47 lanky Not rated yet

AK47 Not rated yet

AK47 Not rated yet

Is this the biggest plant you have ever seen? Not rated yet
This january 2012, we helped our friends move house, after, rolled a spliff, found a seed and threw it onto the gravel. 8 months later this is the result …

It's 420 Somewhere Not rated yet
Just another daily ritual.

her name was memo  Not rated yet
I enjoy farming ganja. This female's name was Memo. You have a nice site and it is very informative. How can I get seeds? Thanks for your time.

Purple Kush Not rated yet
Purple Kush - from Kirkland Washington indoors with hydroponics

Platinum Bubba and Skywalker OG Not rated yet
Platinum Bubba and Skywalker OG

Blue Rhino Marijuana Strain Not rated yet
Nice site. Been looking around. Must be alot of work. Blue Rhino marijuana Strain: AROMA: The Rhino is a very different smell producing aromas …

BC Bud Not rated yet
Look at this picture of some BC Bud I recently picked up. Great color, taste. Just thought I would share.

Afghani Kush Indica , Marijuana Strain #2 Not rated yet
Afghani Kush Indica: Afghan Kush specifics: * Cannabis genetics- Afghani Kush * Variety- Pure cannabis indica * Flowering: 45-55 days …

Acapulco Gold - Marijuana Strain Not rated yet
Acapulco gold is the traditional name of a potent strain of cannabis Sativa L. originating in Acapulco, Mexico. The plant is named for its golden colors. …

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Blueberry Marijuana Strain from Medical Marijuanan Dispensary Not rated yet
Hey! Pic is of a Blueberry Medical Marijuana bud. Strong odor. Regular Prices. Slightly funny/different aftertaste. Must have to do with the nutrients …

Super Silver Haze Medical Marijuana Not rated yet
Took this image of some Super Silver Haze. Sure did its job. How can I get some seeds for this strain? SSH (Super Silver Have) can be hard to come across …

Master Kush MMJ Strain Not rated yet
Please add these pics of my Master Kush plants to your site. These are real dense buds with a wonderful smell and an even better taste. Obtained near …

ChemDawg up close and personal Not rated yet
I got some really nice ChemDawg last week and knew when I took these images why it was so sticky and sweet

Purple Urkel (Purple Erkle), Washington State, Grown Indoors Not rated yet
This is a nice grape tasting mostly indica from northern California. Great Weed - but a small yeild Flowering is around 8 weeks Very potent for medical …

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) - Marijuana Strain - Grown Indoors Not rated yet
Here is a photo of a friends plants. Some of these tops are the size of my frikin thigh - and I am an avid climber. These are all 'Granddaddy Purple'(GDP) …

Master Kush - Indoors, Northwest US Not rated yet
Originally termed "High Rise", Master Kush is a hindu kush/skunk hybrid. The strain originally came from Amsterdam. Plant is medium in height with …

5 Varieties Don't know the names/strains.  Not rated yet
Wish I knew the strains. Oh well, still fun to take my meds.

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