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A Compilation of Personal and Local Marijuana Strains w/Information and Images.

So, what is the one 'secret ingredient' that makes great Marijuana strains Great?

Simple... People Just Need To Like it.


Newest Strain Addition: Cannatonic Incognito - Check It Out!!


That is the great thing about strains. There is a strain for virtually everybody and every symptom. You may love a strong sativa for it's ability to relieve your pain, or possibly a stout indica because of it's assistance in calming your mind down when it is racing out of control. No matter what you try - most people can always pick out a few of their favorite strains if asked. Then, with a bit of time, a whole lot of informational research and copious amounts of 'practice' and 'testing', you may some day be able to choose the exact type of 'high' (Cannabis strain) to add to your next pipe/bong/vape/brownie based solely on the symptoms you are experiencing, combined with your vast knowledge of the Cannabis strains readily available to the medical marijuana community at large.

I personally use marijuana on a daily basis for exactly what I just described above. Medical Marijuana helps me with both my severe pain issues as well as my BPII. Over the course of any given year, I have access to literally hundreds of strains. When I can find my personal favorites, I absolutely stock up. It sure would suck to know the exact strain you are looking forward to using when you get off work - is the one that you have run clean out of. With any luck and a lot of hard work, I hope to rarely, if ever, run into this problem again.


To date we have:

8 Miles High, Albert Walker, Black Pineapple Kush, Cannatonic Incognito, Diesel Mango Haze, Snowcap, Satori, Purple Urkle, Big Buddha Cheese, Trainwreck, Trinity and GDP Grand Daddy Purple.

MMj-Guide and its 'partners' have access to many strains right here in the NW USA. There is so much breeding going on here and around the world - and we want to keep YOU updated on all the new strain info.

Lets get started!


Cannatonic Incognito High CBD Medical Marijuana Strain Cover Image

Cannatonic Incognito


8 Miles High Cannabis Strain Cover Image

8 Miles High


Albert Walker Cannabis Strain

Albert Walker


Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Strain

Big Buddha Cheese


Black Pineapple Kush Bud Image

Black Pineapple Kush


Diesel Mango Haze Strain

Diesel Mango Haze


GDP Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

GDP Granddaddy Purple


Purple Urkle Strain

Purple Urkle Strain


Satori Strain

Satori Strain


Snowcap Strain

Snowcap Strain


Trainwreck Strain Medical Marijuana Cover Image

Trainwreck Strain


Trinity Strain

Trinity Strain



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