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(aka. Purple Urple or Purple Erkle)

Medical Cannabis Strain

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My Purple Urkle Strain results are not going to be the same as your results. Not being rude... just the facts here. Everyone that grows, grows using techniques and technologies that are available to them, such that no individual grower can replicate the results of any other. You can come close, but it is never the same. Therefore, please do not use this info to create expectations for your own crop yeild. Everyone will have different experiences growing a certain strain; I am just sharing my experiences with you. Also, I used to try to lay out a history for the strains that I am covering here, but I have found cannabis strain histories to be virtually impossible to accurately detail. Due to this, I have limited the detail to which I describe the history of strains to my pages. Thanks for reading my site. I hope you enjoy the information.


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Purple Urkle Strain Information


The Purple Urkle Strain is a classic medical marijuana strain out of California dating back to the late 1980's.

This plant is a 100% pure indica phenotype.

Purple Urkle cannabis strain is a notorious indica strain, with effects that range from a solid euphoric high, to intense, to overwhelming. From a medical standpoint, Purple Urkle is great for migraines, pain relief, depression, anxiety, nausea and insomnia, among others.

These particular indica phenotypes were grown and trained as a multi-stem plant with 3 to 10 colas per plant. As you can see - this strain exhibits tall branching due to the heavily spaced internodes.

As an outdoor plant or greenhouse plant Purple Urkle- has the potential to become much larger.

Trimming time is slightly below average due to the many large colas and the calyx-to-leaf ratio. The quality of the yield is is outstanding. Big fat buds on every part of the plant. I can't wait to see how big this strain gets during the next round (look for new images SOON!!).
Flowering period of 56 days, that's about 8 weeks.
The yield was decent but not a high as it has been in the past.






Nepalese Landrace Genetics - Specifics Unknown


Not at liberty to discuss at this time.


Purple Urkle is a pure indica likely originating from Afghanistan or Pakistan.

This strain was first introduced in the early 80's and has since risen in the ranks to become one of the most effective and highly sought after cannabis strains among indica devotees.

“Purple Urkle” is thought to be a phenotype of 'Mendocino Purps', a popular Californian strain.

Optimal Medium:

Dirt based mediums, hydroponic, grown indoors and outdoors.

Purple Urkle is notoriously a 'slow grow'. The plant is fairly easy going overall. Regular feedings are necessary in order to maintain a healthy growth cycle.

Have had absolutely no issues with getting cuttings to root. In fact, the pics on this page are rooted cuttings taken from the mother plant (mother plant is one of the last pictures on this page). The mother plant was grown from seed.

Expected Yield:

You know, I really don't like trying to figure out expected yield. Absolutely everything from plant size to nutrients, pH, light spectrum, soil, plant structure, bugs, etc. effects the yield of a strain.

What I can tell you about these particular plants is that they were grown to a height of about 4-5 feet tall (including the container) and each plant yielded greater than 1/4 pound each.

As far as I am concerned, any time you can get more than 1/4 pound off of ONE plant - you are definitely on the right track.

Flowering Period:

In general flowering terms it will finish at 8 weeks, indoor. In the northern hemisphere (Southern States, Spain, Italy, France etc.) this strain will finish early October.

Medical Use:

The Purple Urkle strain works best for me when it comes to relieving severe back pain and insomnia. It is also helps me to effectively deal with the nausea that results from the opiate based pain killers that I am often forced to rely upon. Overall, Purple Urkle is an excellent strain of medical-grade marijuana with a multitude of beneficial uses.


Purple Urkle cannabis strain is known for its potency. When ingested in small amounts, Purple Urkle offers a nice solid high allowing for an ease of functionality. In larger doses, this strain can greatly increase ones ability to relax and even induce sleep with ease. This is an ideal strain for anyone dealing with severe pain or anxiety.


The smells range from skunky to sweet with strong fruit and incense notes.


If you have access to some Purple Urkle cannabis strain cuttings - and you have the inclination and the room in your operation to add a few of these babies to the rotation - you would surely be making a solid decision. Get some, try it, think about it. You wont regret it - and you'll feel great as well!



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Purple Urkle Strain Images


Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Underside Growth

Purple Urkle Strain Underside Growth



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Cola

Purple Urkle Side Cola Image



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana bUnderside Growth

Purple Urkle Strain Plant Training



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Main Cola

Purple Urkle Main Cola Image



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Bud Close-Up

Purple Urkle Main Cola Full Image



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Plants

Purple Urkle Plants - 3 in Total



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Main Cola Image

Purple Urkle Main Cola Images



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Full Image Of Grow Room

Purple Urkle and Other Strains in Indoor Grow Room



Purple Urkle Strain Erkle Marijuana Single Plant Image

Full Plant Image



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