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My Big Buddha Cheese results are not going to be the same as your results. Not being rude… just the facts here. Everyone that grows, grows using techniques and technologies that are available to them, such that no individual grower can replicate the results of any other. You can come close, but it is never the same. Therefore, please do not use this info to create expectations for your own crop yeild. Everyone will have different experiences growing a certain strain; I am just sharing my experiences with you. Also, I used to try to lay out a history for the strains that I am covering here, but I have found cannabis strain histories to be virtually impossible to accurately detail. Due to this, I have limited the detail to which I describe the history of strains to my pages. Thanks for reading my site. I hope you enjoy the information.


Big Buddha Cheese Strain Information

BBC is a fast growing, highly potent cannabis strain. An offshoot of the well known European ‘Cheese’ cannabis variety, Big Buddha Cheese was, until recently, available only as a clone.

I didn’t have a clue what Cheese even was until I ventured over to Amsterdam again just a little over three years ago. One of my first stops, as always, was the Dampkring coffee shop where I picked up a small bag of ‘Blue Cheese’ cannabis. Dampkring Coffee Shop Cannabis Amsterdam, NetherlandsWhat can I say? I was instantly over the moon. ‘Love at first j’ may well be the easiest way to describe what happened to me on that drizzly Northern European afternoon. It was simply one of the best tasting strains I have ever smoked. (I’d climb up on the bar and dance a jig if I thought it would more clearly express my elation but, since that is physically out of the question for me, I’ll just continue to use words to express my feelings on the subject.) Oh well… enough of that for now. I’ll save the whole story and more pictures for the Blue Cheese cannabis strain page.

And now… back… to the BBC. lol

This plant is an Indica-dominant strain. 60% Indica, 40% Sativa.

  Big Buddha Cheese (BBC) has long since become a favorite with marijuana smokers worldwide.  This fast-growing Indica-dominant strain combines solid yields, a smooth relaxing high and an enviable lineage that is more than capable of going toe to toe when benchmarked against other more well-known strains.

The facts surrounding how BBC came into existence are a bit hazy (no pun intended).  It is believed that Big Buddha Cheese set down its first roots sometime after 1995.


This strain also offers a crisp elevated and extended high, tastes of fruits and spices, and a deep dank pungent aroma that hangs heavy in the air.


What makes BBC so good?

Of course, everyone will have their own opinion, however, for me the answer is cheese, plain and simple.  Cheese is a hugely popular cannabis strain all across Europe but the UK is where the cheese strains’ star shines the brightest. Little did they know at the time that the resulting Cheese hybrid would come to absolutely dominate the British marijuana grow scene for the next 15 years.
Since that time, growers and breeders have been selectively crossing Cheese with a variety of other cannabis strains resulting in a long list of new hybrids to try.  Many of these Cheese hybrids you may have already heard of such as; Blue Cheese, Cheese Quake, Cheese Bomb, LA Cheese, and Super Silver Cheese just to name a few.  No matter what your favorite strain is, credit must be given where credit is due.  There is a reason that Cheese is the #1 hybrid strain across the UK.

Phenotypes…   every strain produces them and the Big Buddha Cheese is no exception.  BBC is known to display a number of different phenotypes in its growth patterns.  All of these phenotypes however retain the important traits that have made Big Buddha Cheese the powerhouse cannabis strain that it is today.  The most notable qualities of Big Buddha Cheese are it’s intensely mellow yet seemingly ceiling-less high, it’s thick incense-like scent and an unexpectedly smooth flavor with bright notes of fruits and spices. An attack of the senses, if you will.
BBC is a great strain to grow both indoors and out with plants ready to harvest after an average flowering time of 49 to 63 days.  If growing outdoors you can expect to harvest your BBC in late October.  When growing this strain using coco or organic soil, an extra week of finishing time can be required before it is fully mature and ready for harvest.

I have seen another growing method known as the sea of green method utilized when growing Big Buddha Cheese, however and in my case, a typical multi-branched plant yielded far more medicine per square foot of space utilized when compared to the sea of green method. A multi-branched BBC plants internode’s typically stretch out when in the flowering stage resulting in beautifully ‘leggy’ kush-like buds with a quality and THC content that quite literally blows the mind. During the last few weeks of flowering as Big Buddha Cheese finishes ripening, you will be able to easily observe the bulging calyxes and glistening resin production.
As with all outdoor grow operations in the northern hemisphere, Big Buddha Cheese will typically finish well before the first frost and significantly colder temperatures set in.  Of course, this depends on the region in which you live and how well suited your climate is for the plant.

BBC is a very stinky strain.  This pungent odor can be very hard to contain both in and outdoors.

Big Buddha Cheese is a strain that is famous for its taste. When dried and cured properly BBC serves up a very unique flavor, both smooth and dank, spicy and sweet. The high does wonders to raise spirits and brighten up your mood.

This strain can be used on a daily basis for medicinal purposes with little to no expected change in immunity or quality of the high.  Due to its popular recreational usage combined with an ever-increasing list of medicinal uses, Big Buddha Cheese is fast becoming a strain of choice for both recreational as well as medicinal users.


Indica 60% / Sativa 40%


cheese 1980s skunk and northern lights lineages


Afghan an exclusive landrace of the Mazari Sherif region of Afghanistan


Not at liberty to discuss at this time.


Big Buddha Cheese is a sativa indica mix with the father coming from Afghanistan while the mother is believed to have her origins rooted in the UK.

The mother, Cheese, rose to become a highly sought after cannabis strain among indica devotees in the UK.

Afghan comes directly from the Mazari Sherif region of Afghanistan and is known worldwide for its potency and medicinal benefits.

Optimal Medium:

Dirt based mediums, hydroponic, grown indoors and outdoors.

Big Buddha Cheese is notoriously a ‘quick grow’. The plant is fairly easy going overall. Regular feedings are necessary in order to maintain a healthy growth cycle.

Have had absolutely no issues with getting cuttings to root. In fact, the pics on this page are rooted cuttings taken from the mother plant .

Expected Yield:

You know, I really don’t like trying to figure out expected yield. Absolutely everything from plant size to nutrients, pH, light spectrum, soil, plant structure, bugs, etc. effects the yield of a strain.

What I can tell you about these particular plants is that they were grown to a height of about 4-5 feet tall (including the container) and each plant yielded greater than 1/4 pound each (some much more).

As far as I am concerned, any time you can get more than 1/4 pound off of ONE plant – you are definitely on the right track.

Flowering Period:

In general flowering terms it will finish at 7-9 weeks, indoor. In the northern hemisphere (Southern States, Spain, Italy, France etc.) this strain will finish late October.

Medical Use:

The Big Buddha Cheese cannabis strain works best for me when it comes to relieving lower back pain and relaxing the muscles in my back. It is also helps me to effectively deal with the nausea that results from the opiate based pain killers that I am often forced to rely upon. Overall, Big Buddha Cheese is an excellent strain of medical-grade marijuana with a multitude of beneficial uses.


Big Buddha Cheese cannabis strain is known for its potency. When ingested in small amounts, Big Buddha cheese offers a nice up high allowing both your body and mind to relax a bit. In larger doses, this strain can decrease ones ability to relax due to an elevated mental state. This is an ideal strain for anyone dealing with nausea or anxiety.


The smells range from dank to sweet with strong fruit, spice and incense notes.


Grow it… if you can get it!!


I am a medical marijuana patient. I have been blessed with a few different medical conditions including degenerative disk disease, Bertolotti's syndrome, and an extra vertebrae (L6) in my lower back. These medical conditions and/or the severe pain that results, qualify me to be a medical marijuana patient under Washington State law.

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