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Growing Good Marijuana

An easy question with a very complicated answer. But we will try and break it down just for you. Growing good marijuana requires money, materials, knowledge, effort, and time. And since none of us like to spend too much money,

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Foliar Feeding

  What is foliar feeding? Foliage feeding is a way of feeding plants by applying liquefied fertilizer directly onto the plants leaves. You see… plants absorb water, nutrients and CO2 through openings on the leaves. These openings are called stomata.

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Cannabis and Sex

A Discussion of Cannabis and Sex for the Modern Medical Marijuana User   Cannabis. Marijuana. What ever you want to call it. Today we are going to look at Cannabis and Sex. Marijuana botany. The genetics of weed. Now, this

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Cannabis Varieties

A Discussion of the Currently Accepted Cannabis Varieties (Species)   This will be a fun and educational discussion so lets begin right away. And if you are looking for my page on Marijuana Strains…  Cannabis is an annual flowering plant

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We are always growing (the site that is) and we want to help you grow too. There a reason it's the Internet's #1 Top Selling Marijuana Growers Guide. Growing Elite Marijuana!

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